Desperate Housewives

The setting of the show is the street of in the fictional American town of Fairview in the Eagle State. It follows the lives of a group of women, seen through the eyes of their dead neighbor. They work through domestic struggles and family life, while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their—at the surface—beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood.
The fifth season of Desperate Housewives takes place five years after the end of season four and continues to focus on the lives of Wisteria Lane residents Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge,Gabrielle Solis and Edie Britt. The season's mystery is centered around Edie's third husband,Dave Williams. The series received media attention following the announcement that Edie Britt would be killed off close to the end of the season.

Main Character in this episode.

Susan Mayer

Susan is characterized as being a "notoriously clumsy" romantic with a "magnetic charm". Her personality often puts her into conflict with Edie Britt, her neighbor with whom she shares a love-hate relationship.

Lynette Scavo

Lynette Scavo was once a successful career woman, but she gave up her job after she gave birth to her twin sons. She is a strong woman who not only deals with her own problems, often about her naughty sons, but also helps her friends a lot.

Bree Van de Kamp


Bree is the character we are going to discuss about in today’s episode.

Bree is the perfect mother, perfect woman in the neighborhood. Her hair is always tidy up and she always has the same smile on her face. But for her family, she drives everyone crazy because of her perfectness.

Now she runs a business of cooking, and she just lays out her firstcookbook, but somehow costs some conflict between herself and her friend.


Katherine is Bree's friend and coworker, she is a great and professional cook.

Gabrielle Solis

Gabrielle is also the character we discuss about in today’s episode.

Gabrielle was once a famous model and married to her current husband Carlos because of money, she once believed that money can satisfied her and can bring her happiness forever, but she was wrong. Being bored about gifts and being upset about her plain life, there was crisis in her marriage.

However in this season, Gabrielle gave birth to two daughters, and all in a sudden the beautiful Gabrielle turns into a mother, taking care of children and getting used to her new role will be her biggest problem this time.

Carlos Solis

Gabrielle’s husband, he is a rich man who loves his wife and daughters a lot, sometimes he protect his children too much.

In this episode

We will concentrate on Gabrie and Bree's story, one about dealing with overweight daughter and the other dealing with ex-best friend.

Season 5 Episode 1, Video

Other Clips from YouTube:
Bree's cookbook photoshoot with the pie:
Bree and Katherine discussing the cookbook:
Gabby "exercising" Juanita:


Story of Gabrielle

--How old is Juanita?
--Why did Juanita need to get a princess dresses?
--What did Gabby and Carlos argue about?
--And why did Gabby blame Carlos?
--How many pieces cakes was Juanita allowed to have?
--Who did the other moms blame for Juanita’s weight problem?
--What method did Gabby use to make Juanita do exercise?
--What did Carlos think about Gabby’s idea of exercise?
--Why did Gabby do so? What was her reason?

Story of Bree

--Why does Bree want to take a break?
--What does ‘’You've topped yourself.’’mean? Make a example/explanation for us.
--Why does Bree ask’’ Do we have a backup pie’’?
--How does Katherine feel about Bree putting Katherine's name on dedication page?
--What does Katherine do to put Bree in her place?


colon: part of the bowels
pose:to pretend to be somebody in order to deceive other people
monopolize:to have or take a large part of somebody's attention or time so that they are unable to speak to or deal with other people
galley: a proof of typeset matter especially in a single column before being made into pages
chop-chop: hurry up
flat-out: thorough, plain
font: the particular size and style of a set of letters that are used in printing
minced: cut up or grind (food, esp. meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades
absurd: completely ridiculous; not logical and sensible
gratify: to satisfy a wish, need
caterer: one whose business is to provide food, supplies and sometimes service at social gatherings
throb: to pulsate or beat repeatedly with increased force
spin: to form into thread or yarn
gossamer: something extremely light, flimsy, or delicate
drape: to hang, arrange, or be hung, arranged
swirl: a whorl; curl
veil: a piece of more or less transparent material, usually attached to a hat or headdress, used to conceal or protect a woman's face and head
brussels sprouts: a cultivar group of wild cabbage cultivated for its small, leafy green buds, which are typically 2.5–4 cm (0.98–1.6 in) in diameter and visually resemble miniature cabbages.
nag: To keep complaining to sb about their behavior or keep asking them to do sth
sprinkler: A device with holes in that is used to spray water in drops on plants, soil or grass.
suck down: To put food in one’s mouth quickly.
take a toll: to cause damage or wear by using something or by hard living.

Other words about fat
Weight problem


1.Guess Calories
1001797_00_main.jpg.jpg cm20100227db9eedba33129ffae17f3827b1307b00639.jpg325853_6.jpg1178810270.jpg

2.Guess food

3.Yes or No
We will ask some questions after playing each clip. Answer questions with posing O/X with your arms. People who answers the right thing can maintain standing at his own seat. Otherwise,sit down and enjoy the show. The last one who survives in the end of the question game will win the gift.
Winners aren’t only one. So listen and watch carefully.
Have fun!

Culture Notes


Classic Meat Loaf
Classic Meat Loaf

a dish of ground meat seasoned and baked in the form of a loaf


Parsley leaves. Above ordinary flat parsley, below the crispate cultivar
Petroselinum crispum: Parsley leaves
Petroselinum crispum: Parsley leaves

a European biennial herb (Petroselinum crispum) of the carrot family widely grown for its finely dissected curly or flat leaves which are used as an herb or garnish; also : the leaves
Pastry Garnish
Pastry Garnish

to decorate a dish of food with a small amount of another food


It's a French pasrty, often served at weddings, baptisms, and first communions.

Video about using spun sugar:
Masterchef Australia Season 2 Episode 77:
The most sinful dessert, Chocolate Gluttony, begins at about the 50 minute mark. Learn about spun sugar at the 1:00 to 1:03 hour mark.

Brussels sprouts

external image roasted-brussels-sprouts-fd-lg-1.jpg?w=300&h=234

Mrs. Shrek



1.If you had a 4-year-old child just like Juanita, what would you do? Would you make her/him lose weight? How? Give Gabrielle some suggestion.
2. What do you think about Bree’s ethics? If you had a friend steal your idea and make it look like it is his/her. What would you do to fight back? Have you had this kind of experience?
3.What does your ideal family look like?
4.Can you cook? Share some dish you are good at.