Drop Dead Diva S1E5 - Lost and Found

Program Introduction

Life looks different, the second time around
A vapid aspiring model, Deb, killed in a car crash. She was sent to a hi-tech heaven. There are equipped with escalators and they use computers to record everyone’s life, Fred is Deb's gatekeeper, he found out that Deb was a zero/zero (meaning she didn't do any good things or any bad deeds.) So Fred said Deb was simply SHALLOW, this made Deb very unhappy,then she pressed the RETURN button and went back to Earth. She is alive again, only, she is in somebody else’s body, Jane’s body. Not like Deb, Jane was INTELLIGENT, OVERWEIGHT and not paying much attention to fashion and fabric. and she was a super busy lawyer. It’s difficult for Deb to accept who she is now ,so Fred was demoted to a guardian angel for helping the life of NEW Jane.

Here is the promo about Drop Dead Diva: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AUCSeyhkSs


The main characters are:

Jane Bingum/Brooke Elliott
Teri Lee/Margaret Cho
Stacy Barrett/April Bowlby
Grayson Kent/Jackson Hurst
Fred/Ben Feldman
Kim Kaswell /Kate Levering

J. Parker /Josh Stamberg

Brief Synopsis of This Episode

In this episode,Last and Found , Jane was told that the day was her 32th birthday, but for Deb, she was only 24 year-old! Jane could not accept that she LOST 8 years of life. Coincidentally, the case she was working on was about a unlucky man being wrongfully convicted and was finally freed after 10 years. Therefore Jane felt the same way for this guy, she decide to fight back for what was lost for him and to some extent, for herself.
Grayson and Kim took on the case of a man who created a web site for married couple looking to cheat was accused of ruining marriages. Grayson disliked the owner of the website, so how would he and Kim win the case?

Annotated script:

Vocabulary and Phrases


1.Intake meetng: an meeting which is held to arrange all the things beforehand.
2.Pro bono: It is a phrase derived from Latin meaning "for the public good". The term is generally
used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a
public service. Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific
skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

3.Incisor: one of the eight sharp teeth at the front of the mouth that are used for biting

4.Amnesia: a medical condition in which somebody partly or completely loses their memory

5.Moisturizer: a cream that is used to make the skin less dry

6.Bonded:Emotionally or psychologically linked. In this episode, Stacy says totally bonded means she is familiar with Jane so much.

7.Polyester:a kind of strong artificial fabric, often mixed with other fabrics and used especially for making clothes such as sports shirts and suits.

8.The yellow: Here stacy means the yellow and principal substance of an egg, the yolk.

9.Reflexology:a type of alternative treatment in which somebody's feet are rubbed in a particular way in order to heal other parts of their body or to make them feel mentally relaxed. A good example is foot massage.

10.Quad:In a few words, it means the muscles of thigh.

11.trans fat:Most of the time, trans fats mean the artificial fats which has high temperature resistance, high metamorphism resistance, and long expiry days. However, it’s not natural and not good to health. Moreover, it raises the ratio of heart disease.

12.incarcerate: to put sb in prison or in another place from which they cannot escape. put sb behind bars.

13.parolee: the prisoner who is given permission to leave prison before the end of their sentence on condition that they behave well.

14.witness protection: the protection of the witnesses of crimes before, during, and after the trial for fear that the witness are harmed or threatened.

15.transition service: the service to help the disabled or freed prisoners get accustomed to the society in many aspects such as education,
job training, medical treatment, etc..

16.commensurate to: matching sth in size, importance, quality, etc..

17.recess: a short break in a trial in a court of law.

18.petition: a written document signed by a large number of people that asks sb in a position of authority to do or change sth.

19.factual: based on or restricted to facts

20.impropriety: the quality or condition of being improper; incorrectness.

21.DA.: abbreviation of the word “District Attorney” which represents an elected or appointed government official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses.

22.The statute of compensation: the law which lists all the legal process of the compensation

23.infidelity: the act of not being faithful to your wife or husband, by having sex with sb else.

24.Your witness: It means it's sb's turn to testifies under oath in a trial

25.prostitute: sb who earns money by having sex with others.

26.solicit: to have sex with people in return for money.

27.cyber-pimp: “cyber-” means connection with electronic communication, especially the Internet. “cyber-pimp” means sb who derives income from the earnings of prostitute by finding people who want to pay for sex on the Internet

28.Objection: a lawyer's protest about the legal propriety of a question.

29.sustain: in trial practice for the judge to agree with a lawyer’s objection.
closing argument: the final argument by a lawyer on behalf of his/her client.

30.redirect: to ask for more questioning of a witness during a trial or deposition

31.defiance: strong refusal to obey sth.

32.Holy crap: An expression of amazement


1.go with: to combine well with or match sth

2.way off: Here means "you are totally wrong". Since Teri told Stacy that Jane doesn’t get massages, which is not agreed with Stacy, so she replied to Teri with this sentence.

3.be all about sth: have a passion fof sth

4.put yourself in sb’s shoes: to perceive things in sb’s viewpoints as if you were he/she.

5.cross the t’s, dot the i’s: to thoroughly scan documents to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical problems.

Cultural Notes

A website for searching “Legal Terms”


Speed Racer:

is an English adaptation name of the Japanese manga and anime, Mach Go Go Go,

which centered on automobile racing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALzDcMDhf2o (Theme song of English version)

Jimmy Choo:

He is a Malaysian fashion designer based in London, United Kingdom. He is best known for founding Jimmy Choo Ltd that became known for its hand-made women's shoes.


a program of ABC news which is broadcast every Friday 10 p.m. in America.

Ashley Madison

An website for married people to know each other and have affairs with a sensational catchphrase "Life is short, have an affair" on the index page

An introduction of Ashley Madison

The discussion between the furious anchor and the founder of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman

The website of Ashley Madison


John Thompson - 14 million settlement

A true case in which a innocent man was wrongfully incarcerated for 18 years and was evntually compensated with 14 million dollars.

The story of John Thompson

The discussion of John Thompson's case on Sodahead(a platform for people to express their own opinions on the Internet)
And remember to think about : "What's my opinion?"

An organization which helps people who was wrongfully incarcerated: "Innocence Project"


feng shui:

The Chinese-originated belief that the environment gives energy that you can use to your own being. Opinions differ from each other.


massage combined with a system of active and passive exercises for the muscles and joints. And this most common form of massage uses strokes, manipulations and movements to stimulate, relax or rehabilitate the body.


Doughnut Holes

A small ball-shaped pastry, made in the same manner as a doughnut, roughly the size of the hole in a donut.


Deep-Fried onion blossom:

a famous dish in Outback
Bloomin' Onion®
A true Outback original. Our special onion is hand-carved by a dedicated bloomologist, cooked until golden and ready to dip into our spicy signature bloom sauce.


a famous steakhouse in the United States, which has chain store in Taiwan, too.

Central L.A.:

a region of Los Angeles County containing 26 neighborhoods.

Video Links
1. 00:02:00 ~ 00:04:28
1.Why did Teri said “Get in line” when Jane said she wants to stab Kim with her Jimmy Choo?
2.When Stacy chatted with Jane on the phone, she said “I was getting there”, what does that mean?

2. 00:12:38 ~ 00:13:28
1.What are the common points between Stacy and Jane?

3. 00:13:29 ~ 00:14:35 + 00:15:48 ~ 00:16:53
1.What did Jane ask for from the prison board at Mr. Fernandez’s hearing?
2.What is the final result in the hearing?

4. 00:27:37 ~ 00:29:05
1.Why did the accusing lawyer consider Mr. Schuster to be a “cyber pimp”?
2.What are “classic signs of defiance” in Kim’s opinion?

5. 00:35:03 ~ 00:36:22
1.What was Michael’s decision after Jane told him the settlement of the suit?


1.If you have a chance to be somebody else
for just one day, who would you want to be?
2.Do you support the idea that the failure of marriage can be caused by a dating website?
If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you, what would you do?
3.How much is your freedom worth?

If you are the one who is wrongly convicted and put in jail for ten years, and at last you get $100,000 for compensation, will you keep fighting for more settlement or just accept the judgement?