Midterm Exam Information:

The midterm exam will cover the following programs:

Big Bang Theory
South Park
How I Met Your Mother
Desperate Housewives
Drop Dead Diva

Anything on the wiki pages or what was discussed in class can be on the exam. This includes vocabulary, cultural items, and other related video clips. As well as discussions about what language meant in class.

The following types of exercise will be on the midterm:

Listening: Listen to a video clip and fill in the missing words.

Content questions: Explain what happened during the film clip. I'll ask a question about something that happened during the clip and you need to explain either what happened or why it happened. Or what the implication of the language was; this means you should tell what the language really means.

Cultural Questions: I'll ask you to explain a cultural item from a program. You should know what it is in the real world and how it relates to what happened in the television show.

Vocabulary: There will be some sentences that you need to complete with key vocabulary words from the videos.