Ugly Betty


Background Introduction:
Betty Suarez is a 22 year old Mexican American woman who is sorely lacking in fashion sense. She is known to be courageous, good-hearted, and slightly naïve. She is abruptly thrust into a different world when she lands a job at MODE, a trendy high fashion magazine based in Manhattan that is part of the publishing empire of the wealthy Bradford Meade. Bradford hires the inexperienced Betty as his womanizing son's newest personal assistant to curb Daniel's habit of sleeping with his assistants. As time goes by, Betty and Daniel become friends and help each other navigate their professional and personal lives.

Life at MODE is made difficult for both Betty and Daniel by their co-workers. Their most serious threat comes from Creative Director Wilhelmina Slater, a vindictive schemer who devises numerous plots to steal Daniel's job and seize control of his family's company. In addition, Wilhelmina's loyal assistant Marc St. James continually mocks and humiliates Betty for her lackluster physical appearance, awkward nature, and initial lack of taste in fashion.

However, Betty gains great support from her family, her father Ignacio, older sister Hilda, and nephew Justin. Though not having many friends in MODE, during the show's episodes she sort of befriends Marc St. james and Amanda Sommers. And Amanda even being her roommate this time.

Betty Suarez (By America Ferrera):
Pleasant and common in appearance every day, Betty Suarez makes up for unattractive by confidence and intelligence. Despite others perceiving her as "unattractive", Betty does land a job at the prestigious fashion magazine MODE, where she serves as the personal assistant of Daniel Meade.
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Daniel Meade (By Eric Mabius):
Daniel is the second son of magazine publisher Bradford Meade and editor-in-chief at MODE. Daniel’s father hired a personal assistant to guide Daniel because of his inexperience in the industry. Knowing Daniel's habit of womanizing, his father chose the one Daniel would never be attracted to and chose the fashion-ignorant but bright Betty Suarez. But Daniel's womanizing was still overt and unabashed.
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Wilhelmina Slater (By Vanessa L. Williams):
Wilhelmina is a conceited, self-absorbed diva and former supermodel. After the previous editor-in-chief’s sudden death, she is next in line to become editor-in-chief. But Daniel appears and takes her position away. For this reason, Wilhelmina launches a series of attempts to derail Daniel, but on account of Betty, many of Wilhelmina's plans are thwarted.
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Amanda Tanen (By Becki Newton):
Amanda Tanen is the attractive receptionist at MODE magazine. In this season, after being evicted from her apartment and accumulating debt, she ends up moving in with Betty at her apartment, where Betty would give her a wake-up call over her financial responsibilities. After realizing she had been taking advantage of Betty, Amanda began to thaw to Betty, and began treating her better, though still affectionately mocks her.
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Marc St. James (By Michael Urie):
Marc is the personal assistant of Wilhelmina Slater. He is very loyal to Wilhelmina and will do whatever it will take to help his boss become the magazine's editor by conspiring to sabotage Daniel and Betty, who are responsible for costing Wilhelmina the top job.
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Ignacio Suarez (By Tony Plana):
Ignacio Suarez is the father of both Betty and her sister Hilda, and grandfather to Hilda's son Justin. Ignacio supports Betty in her job at MODE; though he worries she won't survive the world of fashion.
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Hilda Suarez (By Ana Ortiz):
Hilda Suarez is Betty's vivacious and somewhat vain older sister. Although Hilda respects Betty's job choice, she often thinks her sister is being taken advantage of at her job at MODE and feels it provides her with an unstable lifestyle.
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Justin Suarez (By Mark Indelicato):
Justin is Hilda’s son and Betty’s Cousin, living with Hilda, Betty, and his grandfather Ignacio. Justin is quite fashion conscious and exhibits model-like behavior.
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Episode Introduction: Season 3 Episode 10 “Bad Amanda”

As the day begins, Betty tells Hilda about Amanda and is very concerned about her expenses, including not paying part of her rent. Betty attempts to tell Amanda that she has to come up with a way to pay her part of the rent, but Amanda ignores Betty as usual.

That same day, Daniel and Wilhelmina have announced that Mode just launched and has opened it up to the staff. Betty pitches, and with Amanda's social understanding, lands a story idea: How to have fun in NY on zero dollars. And despite Betty's reluctance about her first article for the website, their partnership is pretty good, to a point.

Amanda seems to have all the ideas and know-how, and all goes well when the two guys that Betty and Amanda met at the gallery ply the girls with expensive champagne during a dinner date...until the bill comes and the men were nowhere to be found. Stunned by the high priced bill, what will the outcome of Betty and Amanda be?

Characters introduction:

Background introduction & Episode Introduction:

PowerPoint of the Class


What does Marc mean when he says, “feed my brain a bullet”?
What’s Amanda’s experience? Try to describe and share your own.

In the end of this section, what two principles does Betty insisted on?

Amanda finds a dinner, is that a real dinner? What’s she mean?
Do you guys notice that there was a grammar mistake by the two gentlemen? Point it out and fix it.

What does Hilda (Betty’s sister) tell to Betty? What’s her suggestion? And do you agree with it or not?
Why does Amanda say “High-Five”?

The manager said “Why don’t I take care of thus”, what’s that mean? Did Betty and Amanda pay the bill?

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Vocabulary & Phrases

sarcastic: act or say something ironically, and to laugh at.
thought-provoking: stimulating interest or thought.
pitch: to sell or win approval for; promote.
coma: lose consciousness or into a long sleep.
tab: a bill, as for a meal in a restaurant.
crash (somewhere): to gain admittance to a party, performance, etc., without an invitation, ticket, or permission.
grand: a thousand dollars.
dime: a penny.
glom: to steal.
premiere: a first public performance or showing of a play, opera, film, etc.
mooch: freeloader.
moisturizer:as a cream or lotion, used to wet the skin.
rag: means clothing.
frumpy: (of a woman, clothes, etc) unattractive.
glamorous: charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way.
booze: any alcoholic beverage.
ciao: it can mean hello; goodbye; so long; see you later (in Italian).
coincidence: a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.
scratch: to cancel.
stiffed: to cheat by no paying.
disguise: to change the appearance to hide identity.
prominent: standing out from its surroundings.

get away with: to do something bad without being punished.
grip it and rip it: In our episode it appear twice, the first one means start to work; the second means “hold man’s penis and cut it away.”
real peeps: means real person, ordinary people in actual life.
on the fence: be neutral; undecided.
dine and dash: you eat at a restaurant and go away without paying money. Also referred to as " dine and ditch", "chew and screw", "running the check", "eat and fleet, "mash and dash ", "chomp and romp", or "grub and snub".
ahead-of-the curve: something lead the fashion, above the average.

Tokens form the game





Culture notes

Tomkat: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Kanebo sensai: is a brand of Kanebo. Its range of discounted products includes: designer perfume, make-up, skin care, hair care, etc.
Guerlain:is a famous cosmetic brand by selling high priced products.
H. Couture:is a cosmetic brand that is featured by cosmetics industry with impeccable VIP concierge service.
Ivanka Trump: Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman, socialite, heiress, and fashion model. The daughter of Ivana and Donald Trump, she is Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization. She is one of the boardroom judges on her father's reality show The Apprentice.

Queens: Queens is the largest in area, the second largest in population, and the easternmost of the five boroughs of New York City. The borough is coextensive with Queens County, an administrative division of New York State, in the United States.
Village Voice: is a free weekly newspaper in New York City, United States featuring investigative articles, analysis of current affairs and culture, arts reviews and events listings for New York City. It is also distributed throughout the United States on a pay basis.

Chelsea: Chelsea is a neighborhood on the West Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City , and featured by gathering of artists.

Jell-O: Jell-O is a popular dessert in many households across America.