Friends S4E12 The One With The Embryos

Program Introduction

''Friends'' is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series revolves around a group of friends in Manhattan. The series finale, aired on May 6, 2004, was watched by 52.5 million American viewers, making it the fourth most-watched series finale in television history and the most watched episode of the decade.

Main Characters


Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)

Monica Geller's older brother
paleontologist working at the Museum of Natural History
a failed marriage with Carol, a lesbian who is also the mother of his son, Ben

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)

fashion enthusiast
Monica Geller's best friend from high school
Rachel and Ross Geller are involved in an on-again-off-again relationship
A waitress at the coffeehouse Central Perk

Monica Geller (Courtney Cox)

A chef
compulsive and competitive
obsessive cleaning

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)

executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration for a large multi-national corporation
sarcastic sense of humor
bad luck in relationships

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)

eccentric masseuse
self-taught musician(guitar)
birth father left the family, step-father went to jail, and her mother killed herself when she was little
her evil twin, Ursula, and her was raised by their grandmother

Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc)

struggling actor and food lover
simple-minded womanizer with A LOT OF hook-ups

THE EPISODE'S PLOT- ''The One With The Embryos''
When Joey and Chandler correctly identify the contents of Rachel's shopping bag, Monica suggests a trivia contest to see who knows more about whom, the men or the women. They place a $100 bet on the outcome and Ross puts together some questions and plays as host. Meanwhile, Phoebe has agreed to be a surrogate mother for her brother Frank and his older wife Alice, but is concerned that they are paying $16,000 for the procedure which only has a 25% chance of success, and she is helpless to influence the results.

''The One With The Embryos''

Annotated Transcripts

Vocabularies & Phrase & Culture Notes

Trivia: Bits of dry knowledge, the little things (not necessarily important) that you know about something/someone.
Surrogate: The woman who carry and give birth to a child who will be raised by others
Chick" Often used as a nick name to call chickens; can also mean young girls in slang
fertility: the ability to produce offspring; power of reproduction
embryo: the young of a viviparous animal, especially of a mammal, in the early stages of development within the womb, in humans up to the end of the second month.
uterus: the womb of certain mammals.
endometrial: the mucous membrane lining the uterus.
Pet Peeves: a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them
Coin toss: the practice of throwing a coin in the air to choose between two alternatives, sometimes to resolve a dispute between two parties.
Jig: a quick lively dance
Claim: a declaration of something as a fact
Confer: consult together; compare opinions
fancy: decorative; not plain
imaginary childhood friend: fictional charaters created during childhood for role-playing. They often have complicated personalities and behaviors.
stump: embarrassed; perplexed
transponding: a system where a decoder can report back to the system, or command station.

Uterus: the organ in women and female animals in which babies develop before they are born

Embryo: An unborn human baby, esp. in the first eight weeks from conception, after implantation but before all the organs are developed
Kinda: Kind of

fork over: to pay money, to give something to someone unwillingly
cough up: to pay money unwillingly, to allow an opponent to take the lead in a competition
pay the piper: to accept the unpleasant results of something you have done, to pay the price
the bejeezus out: An exclamation of surprise, emphasis. This comes from the phrase "by Jesus"
take a shot: Go to a try of something

cultural notes

Granny Panties vs. Sexy underwear: Monica's old lady underpants may look like these
external image panty-GrannyPanty.gif but not like these external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSDzEGFiW_VYeHte7wr7TkMKIxnh8ePUbylqDIp8T4EtPIjPDuJSw

Tic Tac: a brand of small, hard mints manufactured by the Italian confectioner Ferrero.

tortilla chips: A tortilla chip is a snack food made from corn tortillas, which are cut into wedges and then fried.
external image Tortilla_Chips.jpg
Pay the piper
In the 16th century the story was expanded into a full narrative, in which the piper is a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe. When the citizenry refuses to pay for this service, he retaliates by turning his magic on their children, leading them away as he had the rats.

Coin tossing is the practice of throwing a coin in the air to choose between two alternatives, sometimes to resolve a dispute between two parties.
external image coin-flip.jpg

Jeopardy: This is a famous and popular game show. The categories that Ross chooses for his game are based on the type of categories that you might see on an episode of Jeopardy.

external image jeopardy-starting-board.gif

external image jeopardy_board2_round1.gif

Michael Flatleyis an Irish-American step dancer. He became internationally known for Irish dance shows Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Celtic Tiger
external image lord%20of%20the%20dance,jpg.jpg

TV Guide: Here are some covers from the magazine TV Guide. These sample covers are targeted toward women. And you can see why Chandler might want his subscription look like it goes to a woman and not a man. Not every cover in so girly though.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLqlBw6JULAS8ZH4Sh4TSxncqUCNIPNKMiiqmznxJUrQfvw-dq external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQeTYUNg7pKMf3te1coSd1nBV-GX_4TZEeUpiUtKusMMP6FihA_Hw external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-XkbAVDbwql0U3FP41jzsJuUN7AWVRGyM6ioUR--KMujHmVRN

Lightning round: a round of a game or contest in which the duration of the round is a pre-determined length of time, and the goal is typically to accomplish as much as possible within that period. For more information please visit Lightning round on wikipedia

Field Hockey (hockey): is a team sport in which a team of players attempts to score goals by hitting, pushing or flicking a ball into an opposing team's goal using sticks.
external image field%20hockey%2021.JPG external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEkT2Tj0J3MlHn4DJ4XzjtpSjGk_teKesb4hD2byDnqeaxruqF&t=1

Dangerous Liaisons: a 1988 drama film based upon Christopher Hampton's play. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three. Rachel claims this is her favorite movie in order to show that she has a good taste.

external image 51WKZK5YNQL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

Weekend at Bernie’s: a 1989 American motion picture comedy.
external image Weekend%20at%20Bernies.jpg

Probability of getting pregnant with 5 embryos: